Vision and Values

Put the child at the centre, make learning fun and celebrate our many successes

Respect for self, for others and our environment.  This means…

  •      I use positive words when I speak with people
  •      I treat people the way I like to be treated.
  •      I look after our school property and enjoy seeing it tidy and attractive.

Personal commitment – to strive to reach your full potential.   This means…

  •      I set goals for myself with help
  •      I persevere, not giving up when things are a bit hard
  •      I don’t make excuses for not doing my work

Caring – demonstrating compassion and support for one another.   This means…

  •       I  use kind words when I speak to people
  •       I help someone who is upset
  •       I support people who might need my help

Pride – in oneself, our school and our community.  This means…

  •       I  like being a good person who people will respect
  •       I like to help keep our school looking great
  •       I am proud of the Kakatahi district

Resourcefulness –  This means…

  •       I want to keep improving my thinking and learning skills
  •       I want to be an effective problem-solver
  •       I can figure out ways of getting things done

Curiosity – responding to our world with wonder and investigating its richness.   This means …..

  •       I know that there are many wonderful and interesting things in our world and…
  •       I want to ask questions and find out more about these wonders